letsugo! – AniManGaki 2022

One of the biggest and most anticipated ACG events returns to MIECC after a two-year hiatus.

What is AniManGaki?

‘AniManGaki’ stands for Anime, Manga, Games and Gaki (Japanese slang for brat), and have been a major annual event for otaku culture in Malaysia since 2009. This year’s AniManGaki was undeniably the most anticipated so far, as the event made a comeback after a two year hiatus. The event took place on 27-28 August at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

Arriving At the Venue

After 30 minutes of searching for a parking spot, I finally made my way to the entrance around 12 pm. It was nice to see sizable crowds flowing in and out of the venue without it being too overcrowded.

Upon entering the hall, excited voices can be heard coming from V-Tubers at the World of Warships booth right next to the entrance, on top of crowd cheers echoing all the way from the performance stage.

Exploring the Exhibition Floor

There are about 82 booths, most of which provide the usual ACG-event content which include figurines, gashapon, accessories, clothing and such for viewing and purchase. Below are some things that I think stand out from the rest.

An eye-catching array of custom rugs

“Weebs do love keebs”

Various Touhou(?) music CDs

“King” Myvi. Covered in a glorious K-ON!! Itasha wrap. Quite happy to see some appreciation for this series. Yes, I am a sucker for moe slice-of-lifes.

Highest scorer on "TMNT Shredder's Revenge" gets free pizza. Clever choice of game and prize.
A glimpse of the performers' stage. 

Visiting Cosplayer’s Alley

The second floor of the exhibition hall was a dedicated space for cosplay booths. What is considered a hobby for most, is a profession to some. There were 55 booths present, and they were met with long queues of fans eager to meet and support their favorite cosplayers.

The second floor also provided a decent view of the performance stage.

Anyways, here’s buff Anya Forger hitting the Zyzz pose.

Community Booths

At the second floor (outside the main hall) we find a more laxed out exhibition of various communities showcasing their respective niche hobbies.

Muzi Japan – Authentic Japanese schoolwear

Miku Fan Club (left) & MYDoll (right)

AniVintej – Authentic Japanese Sukajan (souvenir jacket) showcase.

Big ups to AniManGaki for such an amazing event and celebrating otaku culture in Malaysia. There is honestly a lot more things to capture at the event which I have completely missed out on doing. Anyways, that’s all for my first actual blog post! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

If you’re keen on going to an upcoming ACG-event, check out this list of upcoming events.

Thank you!


  1. Nice blog 👍, would say it made me interested in participating in such events in the near future.
    Keep up the good work 👍👍👍


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